As far as I can remember, I have always been eager to spend time analysing, understanding, watching the beauty around me, around us. 
I grew up watching cartoons, like all the Disney's or Dragon Ball Z and other manga animate, I directly fell in love with animation or more precisely with movement. 
At first, I wanted to be physiotherapist, I wanted to understand that marvelous machine that is the human body... Well... I tried 3 times but I couldn't find the motivation in the university system. Then I left for Australia during 4 months.
When I came back, I had decided : "I will be a director ! I will learn the languages of every steps of a production and together we will CREATE Movies !"
SAE Brussels "Digital film making & Animation" is where I learned the base of Adobe Suite and the digital production. After 2 years of cursus, I became cameraman, I made some short movies and almost started a production studio, but something was missing ! 
I started a 3 months formation in Motion Design and found out that I knew everything I needed to know to be an animator, to be a Motion Designer ! After 1 month as a trainee at Emakina Brussels, I found myself in a growing studio called 87seconds during 3 years. 
I grew to a certain point, thanks to all those experiences, thanks to all the people I met and learn from. 
It's a point where I feel like I have a stable basis to start building myself as I want to be.
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